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Robert Ault;
A licensed California general contractor and tile contractor has been tiling fiberglass and distributing materials for tiling fiberglass since 1975.

The knowledge he has gained throughout his career has enabled him to continue upgrading and developing improved techniques for tiling fiberglass.

Robert Ault has shown his abilities by tiling entire surfaces of fiberglass, such as fiberglass swimming pools, spas, fiberglass showers and bathtubs.

His company successfully tiled thousands of spas during the 1970's and 1980's. Some of his early customers are Caldera Spas, Cal Spas and Dimension One.

As Robert Ault developed and improved fiberglass tiling techniques, he would share his knowledge with many trade journals and industry magazines. It has always been his belief that a fiberglass tile failure anywhere hurts the entire industry.

The first fiberglass swimming pool manufacturer to utilize his tiling techniques was San Juan, in Hemet California. George Sullivan saw the value of tile as a functional, aesthetically pleasing sales tool. In the 1980's Mr. Sullivan opened a second plant in Florida, he requested that Robert travel to Florida to assist and oversee the set up of his manufacturing facility's in house tiling operation.

Fiberglass pool manufacturers and installers in California started to become aware and recognize the demand for tiling fiberglass pools, spas and tub/shower's.

Tiling a fiberglass pool on location is far different from factory production tiling. Robert began implementing new techniques to enable a qualified tile setter to tile the most difficult fiberglass pool, on location, in less than 5 hours.

Robert Ault moved east to Florida to semi retire in 1992. The material distribution and tile installation company was turned over to his son Robert Ault Jr.

The only fiberglass pool company offering tile in the state of Florida was the one he helped to set up years earlier, San Juan. Blue Hawaiian also known as Blue Dolphin at this time requested his subcontracting services to fulfill their demand for tile. As word got out, the demand for his services grew. Robert formed a new company Flextile Inc. and was soon installing tile for manufacturers such as Sun Fiberglass, Viking Fiberglass, Petit Fiberglass, Ocean Reef fiberglass pools and more than twenty fiberglass swimming pool and spa installers. This newest company was turned over to his second son Joshua, in 2005.

Today Robert Ault concentrates his efforts on his material distribution company, Fiberglass Swimming Pools Inc., this company assist dealers and homeowners with the materials and knowledge to tile their fiberglass swimming pools and spas on location. All of the latest, improved materials and technology are available form F.S.P. Inc.

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