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Fiberglass Swimming Pools Homeowner Tile Jobs

Fiberglass Swimming Pools Homeowner Tile Jobs

Customer tile jobs

This customer was very artistic! She installed this dolphin in the lip of her pool!

Customer tile jobs

She Also tiled the top of this table! How unique!

Custom pool tiling

This is a very nice tile job on an 11 X 23 pool!

customer fiberglass tile jobs

She's just finishing the grouting. It's easier to grout from the inside the pool. This pool is out of level, so the customer installed an extra row of 2 X 2 tiles at the top and taper cut them to compensate.

custom pool tiling

Using a tile that is the proper width, enabled this customer to install around these

contours without any problems!

custom pool tiling

This is a very nice tile install on a roman style pool.

pool tile supplies

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