How to Tile Fiberglass Pools

Before you begin your job you will need:
  1. Solvent = Alcohol or Acetone
  2. Pencil
  3. Single edge razor blades
  4. Small water pail
  5. Liquid dish soap
  6. Role of paper towels
  7. Caulking gun
  8. Use a wooden board for a cutting area to cut 12" X 12" tile sheet in half (6" X 12")
  9. One roll of 1/2 inch tape
Tiling Hints:
  1. When placing the tile on the pool, some adhesive might bleed through the front joint. Use your finger to wipe it even with the tile surface.

  2. If any adhesive gets smeared onto the surface of the tile, immediately use a paper towel and solvent to wipe it off.

  3. Before applying the last 8 feet of tile, start at the skimmer; use a sheet of tile to measure back to the last sheet of tile already on the pool. If the tile does not fit perfectly, you can compress the grouts joint on the remaining 8 feet of tile to make it fit perfectly. This eliminates the need for a cut tile when you reach the skimmer.

  4. After tiling before grouting, inspect the tile. If any adhesive is smeared on the tile surface, remove it with a razor blade.

  5. Some tile patterns are what I refer to as "Directional" they can only be installed in one direction. (see photos below for an explanation)

    wrong way
    wrong way directional tile
    Wrong Way Above

    Right Way Below
    right way directional tile
    Right Way

  6. Steps or bucket seats may protrude into your tile line, cuts may be necessary in these areas. (See photos below for an explanation) This requires a tile wet saw. Home Depot, on line, sells a nice little wet saw for less than $100.00 SKU727245 is the SKU number.

    cut tile

    If you are in need of any technical help
    please do not hesitate to call (352) 746-6115

  1. Drain the water to the bottom of the skimmer hole.

  2. Use a pencil to mark the water line around the entire pool.

  3. Drain the water down 3 more inches.

  4. Wipe the surface to be tiled with a solvent such as acetone or alcohol.

  5. Place the tiles face down and extrude lines of adhesive onto the back of 3 or 4 liner feet of tile.

     adhesive onto the back

  6. Start at the skimmer and place the 3 or 4 buttered sheets on the pencil lines, press them into place.

    press into place

  7. Repeat this process around the entire pool.

  8. Wait 30 minutes before grouting.

  1. Cut off the tip of the grout tube.

  2. Extrude one tube of grout onto the surface of the tile.

    extrude grout

  3. Use an epoxy grout float (hard rubber bottom) to push the grout into the grout joints. Proceed with this process around the entire pool. Be careful not to get more then 6 feet ahead of the scrubber. The grout must be scrubbed off the tile surface within 7 minutes.

    push the grout into the grout joints

  4. The second person dips the scrubber into the water and then pours 1/2 teaspoon of any liquid dish soap onto the scrubber.

    pour liquid dish soap onto the scrubber

  5. Scrub the excess grout off the tile surface.

    Scrub the excess grout off

  6. Proceed, behind the floater, around the entire pool.

    * The floater should not get more then 6 feet ahead of the scrubber. The grout could start to cure, making it very difficult to scrub off.

    *The scrubber should be careful not to get the soapy water on the ungrouted tile, that will make it difficult to float.

  7. When grouting is completed, use the 2 grey sponges to lightly wipe down the surface of the tile to remove any residue which may be left behind on the surface.

  8. Wait 48 hours before refilling the pool.