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Water Line Tiling | Over the Lip Tiling | Custom Tiling

Water Line Tiling

Make tile a part of your pool and spa investment!

  • Tile beautifies and accentuates fiberglass pools and spas.
  • A wide selection of styles and colors are available.
  • Tile and silicone grout are extremely easy to clean. It simplifies "waterline" maintenance.

Before Water Line Tiling:
waterline pool tile
Before water line tile
Should Fiberglass Pools Be Tiled?

After Water Line Tiling:
waterline pool tile
After water line tile
Eliminate Scum Line And Appearance of Fading

Water Line Tiling

pool tile supplies

Over the Lip Tiling
  • All exposed fiberglass is below the waterline.
  • The tile and grout are extremely easy to clean. Hose off or wipe with a wet cloth or sponge. Grout is guaranteed not to stain, crack or dislodge.
  • It eliminates the need to wax the exposed fiberglass lip.
  • Tile won't snag bathing suits like cantiliver cement or brick.
  • Every "over the lip" tile installation is custom designed to fit the pool, deck, and customer's needs. No two tile jobs are the same.
  • It is almost impossible to get a perfect color match on waterline tile, mud cap, and lip tile. Tile selections are extensive enough to ensure attractive color combinations. If requested, a slip resistant 3" x 3" tile can be installed on the lip. It has a matte finish instead of a high gloss and unfortunately, colors are limited.
  • These installations can be performed in the factory or on location.
  • Quoted prices include all labor and material including waterline tile, mud cap, lip tile, and rubber grout.
  • Tile adhesion is guaranteed for five years.
  • Grout is guaranteed not to stain, crack, or dislodge for five years.

Over The Lip TileOver The Lip TIling

pool tile supplies

Custom Tiling

For the ultimate in luxury and durability, we can tile the entire surface of any fiberglass unit.

Custom Pool Tiling
All tiled fiberglass spa.
Custom Tiled Spa Edge
All tiled fiberglass pool.

pool tile supplies

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