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Pool Installation Guide
Factory Tile:

The pool installation must be perfectly level. All measurements should be taken from the top of the tile (Not the lip of the pool). The tile will be as straight as your ability to level. We recommend using a hydrolevel (plastic tube filled with water), not a transit. Measurements should be taken in at least 8 locations around the pool. When installing tile on the job site, we waterlevel 60 to 100 spots, depending on the size and configuration of the pool. When purchasing a pretiled pool, it is the installer's responsibility to level the tile. We recommend tiling the pool on location. This can be done by the installer or the homeowner.

Tile on Location:


  1. Save $400.00 to $800.00 by doing it yourself.

  2. A much larger selection of tiles are available.

  3. When installing a regular deck, the pool can be out of level 1" to 1 1/2". The tile will be perfectly water leveled and the out of level pool is not readily noticable.

  4. When installing a cantilever deck, the pool can be out of level as much as 3". When the water level tile is installed it will be above the pool lip in some locations, even with the lip in some places, and below the lip in other spots. After the deck is poured, you will have a perfectly leveled installation every time. When installing a pool to be tiled on location, we recommend that you make sure the skimmer end of the pool is the highest point. This will insure the finest tile installation possible.

Many installers pour the deck the day after the tile has been installed.
This can be done without problems if:

  1. You always use aluminum ties.

  2. You wipe off the tile with a solvent such as acetone. Then wipe 10 feet of tile with the solvent and immediatly set that section of form. Wipe 10 more feet and set another section of form. Proceed in this manner around the pool.

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