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Fiberglass Swimming Pools, Inc


FSP is the industry leader in fiberglass swimming pool tiling. With our flexible silicone rubber adhesive and silicone rubber grout, we can install beautiful tile in your pool, or provide you with the resources to do it yourself.


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So you finally got your dream pool, but it feels a little plain. FSP can help you bedazzle your pool without frazzling your brain!

We have a huge selection of tile, and our flexible silicone rubber adhesive and silicone rubber grout won’t crack or break like traditional grout.

A little bit of tile can go a long way. Take a look at the success stories below to see how you can take your fiberglass pool from drab to fab without spending a fortune!

Our products can be used on any kind of in-ground pool, not just fiberglass!

Tile at the waterline makes cleaning a breeze, and our silicone grout will never stain, crack, chip, crumble, or break.

DIY Questions?

If you’re interested in installing your own tile, we can help! Fiberglass swimming pool tiling isn’t difficult, but you need to know what you’re doing. Check out our How-To page for instructional videos and a free PDF!

Check out our Tile!

We have a great selection of porcelain tile.

Looking for more great tile options?

Check out our sister site, Flextile.com! They also specialize in tiling surfaces that flex, such as RV’s and campers.