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All of our tile is porcelain, and sizes vary by style. Please have the model name and number of your choice when you call to order to ensure accuracy!

Note: We do not ship outside the United States. Dye lots and color shades may vary.


AB-1110 Crystal

AB-1112 Mystic

AB-1113 Magic

AB-1114 Wonder

AQ-1151 Ice Boat

AQ-1152 Arctic Frost

AQ-1156 Monaco Blue

AQ-1157 Dolphin Green

AQ-1158 Bali

AQ-1159 Tahiti

CRP434 Deep Sea

DS-1136 Gold

DS-1139 Metallic Blend

FJ-1193 Peaceful

FJ-1197 Majestic

FJ-1198 Silent

FJ-1199 Misty

FSN-1 Tidal Wave

FSN-4 North Cove

HM 144 Pacific Blue

HM 145 Malibu Blue

HM-106 Cobalt Blue

HM-113 Terra Blue

LS-1170 Windsor

LS-1171 Liverpool

LS-1172 Ashford

LS-1174 Brighton

LS-1175 Bristol

LS-1176 Westminister

LS-1177 Victoria




MS-1180 Impression Sun

MS-1181 Water Lilies

MS-1182 Venice

MS-1183 Haystack

MS-1184 Paradise

MS-1185 Stormy

MS-1186 Sailboat

NL-1131 Ballad

NL-1132 Galant

NL-1133 Canterbury

NL-1134 Soul

NL-1138 Melody







NS-116 Celtic

NS-117 Baltic

NS-118 Icelandic



NS-125 Arctic

OB- 900 Ocean Breeze Blend

OB-150 Windstream

OB-151 Seascape

OB-153 Surfside

OB-154 Breakers

PG-110 Sapphire

PG-111L Aquamarine

PG-112L Obsidian

PG-113S Dark Blue Blend

PG-114S Amber Blend

PG-116S Onyx Blend

PG-118S Sedona Blend

SH-1190 Antigua Blend

SH-1191 Bermuda Blend

SH-1194 Aquamarine Blend

SH-1195 Light Brown

SH-1196 Dark Brown Blend

SIS-1101 Mix 1

SIS-1106 Mix 6

SS-101 Royal Blue

SS-102 Navy Blue

SS-103 Catalina

SS-104 Diamond Blue

SS-106 Enchanted Blue

SS-108 Galaxy Blue

SS-109 Mottled Blue

SS-121 Black

TIP-670 Blue

TIP-671 Green

TY-180 Fiji

TY-181 Bali

TY-182 Samoa

TY-984 Typhoon Blend





AB-2210 Crystal

AB-2212 Mystic

AB-2213 Magic

AB-2214 Wonder

AY 224 Tikal

AY-220 Port Royal

AY-221 Atlantis

AY-222 Thonis

AY-223 Alexandria

AZ 206 Azul Blue

CS-291 Lagoon

CS-292 Waterfall

CS-293 Ridge

CS-295 Peak

CS-296 Foothill

IS-234 San Marino

IS-235 Milan

IS-237 Naples

IS-238 Firenze

OA-230 Grigio

OA-244 Marine

OA-260 Blue

OA-270 Storm

SD-270 Surf Spray

SD-271 Sea Wind

SD-272 Peaceful Shore

SD-273 Sandy Beach

SD-274 Bluff


CA-251 Ancient Sea

SS-201 Royal Blue

SS-202 Navy Blue

SS-203 Catalina

SS-204 Diamond Blue

SS-205 Cobalt Blue

SS-207 Terra Blue

SS-208 Galaxy Blue

SS-209 Mottled Blue

SS-221 Black

TC-250 Florence

TC-251 Pisa

TC-252 Siena

TH-219 Gloss Blue

TH-245 Stone Blue

TH-286 Coastline

TH-288 Midnight

Timeless Blue MOS

TR-261 Valley

TR-262 Ridge

TR-263 Peak

TR-264 Chasm

UG-10 Slate Blue

UG-20 Black

UG-30 White

UG-40 Cobalt Blue

VA-233 Blue China

VA-236 Peacock


VE-210 Treviso

VE-211 Venice

VE-212 Verona

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